Malezi Kamilifu


Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Executive Director, AMURT, engaging CHVs from Viambani CU during a feedback meeting | May 2021.

Malezi Kamilifu is an integrated Early Childhood Development project targeting children under the ages of five years and their caregivers in Kilifi county. Early Childhood Development is important in building a strong foundation for cognitive, socio-emotional and healthy development that maximizes on the child’s learning potential. The Kilifi County ECD Situational Analysis Report (Kilifi CIDP 2018-2022), notes that transition rates from pre-school to primary is at a low of 45%. This is attributed to various contextual challenges faced by young mothers and caregivers of children below five years such as high levels of poverty, poor access to health care, inadequate and ill equipped ECD Centres, and negative cultural practices.

ECDE teachers from Jaribuni attending a training on development of play & learning materials supported by AMURT. | March 2021

Malezi Kamilifu project aims at strengthening community-based systems in Kilifi County to improve integrated childhood development, targeting children under five and their caregivers. It also aims at empowering caregivers and frontline community workforce to address gender and structural barriers, and build economic resilience for the young mothers.

Project’s interventions include community sensitization on the importance of optimal early childhood development and learning, child protection, case management, child education and stimulation, Child friendly learning and development environment, Disability assessment for the children living with disabilities and economic empowerment for young mothers and care givers.

Under Malezi kamilifu project, AMURT works with the Department of Children Services, Ministry of Health, Kilifi county department of Education and other stakeholders.

ECDE teachers listening in during a training of Play and Learning materials supported by AMURT. – Sokoke ward. | March 2021

Since the project’s inception in January 2020, the following achievements have been recorded;

  1. Entry processes:

The project team managed to meet key people and stakeholders at the county and sub-county level to introduce the project and establish a working relationship with them. Project implementation takes place at Matsangoni and Tezo wards in Kilifi north sub-county and Jaribuni and Sokoke wards in Ganze sub-county. The implementation areas were unanimously agreed upon after meeting the project’s selection criteria and partners guidance.

  1. Mapping of stakeholders:

Caregivers and young mothers in Sokoke Ward being sensitized on entrepreneurship. |
May 2021

Mapping of stakeholders and identification of the affiliate departments within the national and Kilifi county governments was done. Other organizations such as plan international, world vision, CRS, KESHO, Compassion international, KWETU among others have been identified and a stakeholders map developed.

  1. Mapping of ECD centres:

The exercise of mapping ECD centres within the areas of project implementation was done.120 ECD centres were identified and baseline information obtained which will help in tracking change during project implementation.

  1. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning:

Basic M & E tools have been developed by the project team with the support of the senior M&E officer. This included mapping tools, CHVs selection criteria, CHVs and CPVs terms of reference, the M&E plan, Indicator Performance Tracking Tool, Referral tools among others.

  1. Recruitment of CPVs and CHVs

Selection of CPVs and CHVs who are the project’s fundamental community work force was done through the guidance and support of the department of health and children services

  1. Identification of young mothers for TVET

The project identified young mothers to be supported in enrolling and learning at technical and vocational institutions where they will receive skills to see them through employment and/or establishment of income generating activities for economic resilience.

AMURT staff enrolling a young mother into a Vocational Training Center – Gede | January 2021