Hotline: 0800 722 970 / Info: 0708555666

AMURT’s fundamental values offering guidance in implementation of the mission include:

Caring Attitude

Demonstrating compassionate support and concern for the underprivileged community. Through this, AMURT educates PLWHAS on Income Generating Activities so as to sustain their livelihood

Donor Friendly

AMURT has over 10 donors and maintains close relations through providing quarterly, semiannual and annual reports and feedback on project progress.

Financial Sustainability

We believe in meeting future needs of rural and urban informal settlements for years to come. AMURT therefore strives to carry out its mission strategically to ensure sufficient financial resources are available.

Integrity & Accountability

We have the highest level of integrity and accountability in its administration, service, and outreach activities in line with the mission and objectives. AMURT maintains accurate reports and records for activities carried out.


We works with various partners to meet project objectives through partner support in offering quality services, advocacy. AMURT strives to educate the public in the interest of rural and urban informal settlements.


While AMURT provides support to the rural community and informal settlements, it recognizes the community’s culture and religion and does so without interference or coercion. AMURT practices are non religious, non political and non profit.


AMURT finds solutions that meet the needs of the communities through disaster relief and support.


 “Service to Humanity is Service to God”