Nilinde OVC Project

Project Description

Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) for Nairobi and Coast Counties of Kenya (Nilinde) is a five-year Cooperative Agreement awarded to Plan International in partnership with Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT), Childline Kenya, Danya International, and Mothers2Mothers.  Known locally as Nilinde, this five-year initiative aims to improve the welfare and protection of the most vulnerable households affected by HIV/AIDS by increasing resiliency and empowering parents and caregivers to make investments that will improve the health and well-being of OVC.

Nilinde aims at strengthening household and community capacity with knowledge, skills and services to reduce economic vulnerability – efforts that will reduce the risk and impact of HIV/AIDS and other health conditions on most vulnerable populations in Kenya.

Project Objectives

  • Increased access to health and social services for OVC and their families.
  • Strengthened capacity of households and community to protect and care for OVC

Strengthened child welfare and protection systems at the national level, and improved structures and services for effective responses in targeted counties

Geographical coverage: AMURT implements Nilinde project in the entire Mombasa county and in one sub-county in Malindi–Malindi sub-county. In collaboration with Nilinde partners, key government ministries as well as other relevant stakeholders, AMURT spearheads service delivery to targeted OVC and HH in a total of 7 sub counties, that is; Changamwe, Kisauni, Nyali, Mvita, Likoni and Jomvu and Malindi Sub County in Kilifi County. These areas constitute both urban and rural setup with Mombasa having the informal settlements where some of the OVC reside.


MombasaKilifi ( Malindi)Total
OVC reach12986678919775
Active OVC11883603317916
Areas of operationChangamwe, Jomvu, Likoni, Nyali, Kisauni &MvitaMalindi

2017 Project Achievements

Output 1: Increased access to health and social services for OVC and their families


Planned activityAchievementVariance
48 Community conversations50-2
Reach 2000 OVC with health services2438 (1144m, 1294f) OVC-438
HTS for for year 2 6000 OVC6394(3018m, 3376f) OVC-394
Overall OVC known HIV status for 17916 OVC131744742

Shift to targeted testing

Link 700 OVC to care and treatment722 (358m,364f)-22
Enroll 2 CMMs20
Reach 700 CLHIV with PSS698 enrolled in support groups-2 had relocated
Life skills training for 4000 adolescent OVC3665335
Birth registration for 2660 OVC3448– 788
Birth registration for all 17916 OVC658811328
Train 6962 caregivers in positive

parenting skills

4911 ( 538m, 4373f)2051


Train 60 community leaders in succession planning139-79

Additional 79 were CHVs

300 OVC HH access social protection services1143 HH enrolled in NHIF-843: Plus Up
Bursaries for 200 OVC1023 OVC-823: Plus up


 Output 2: Strengthened capacity of households and community to protect and care for OVC.

Interventions for Highly vulnerable HH


Planned activity AchievementVariance
Establish 2 Economic strengthening Committees2
Trained 509 CHVs and 235 Caregivers as HES Mentors to OVC households744
Mobilize 1680 caregivers to join Merry go rounds4431237
840 caregivers trained in kitchen gardens1310– 470
844/ 1680 caregivers supported with asset transfer844836
Trained 840 highly vulnerable households on Life  Skills  &  basics  of resource management76080

Budget constraints