Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

AMURT in collaboration with other stakeholders has been upfront in championing green initiatives to combat the prevailing climate crisis by investing in water and wastewater management, planting indigenous and fruit trees, and promoting renewable energy initiatives such as biogas, solar energy and waste management.

According to UNICEF (The Climate Crisis 2020), Climate change and environmental degradation are contributing to displacement and migration, with Sub-Saharan Africa recording 86 million internal climate migrants. Recent years have seen serious climate-related crises including the severe ongoing crisis in the Sahel region of West Africa, Tropical Cyclone Idai and Tropical Cyclone Kenneth (the strongest storm to ever hit Africa) in 2019, and the worst outbreak for decades of swarms of desert locusts across East Africa in 2020.

A Community Water Project supported by AMURT’s Wasichana Wote Wasome Program
A water tank donated by AMURT through the support from Kindernothilfe eV
A tree planting activity