30 Day Challenge

AMURT’s 30 day African Beads & Print Challenge from 9th November to 9th December 2018 is a fund raising campaign for the Dreams Entrepreneur & Enterprise Program (DEEP). 

The primary focus of our Dreams Entrepreneur & Enterprise Program (DEEP) is to set up African Beads & Print crafts & ‘Jua-Kali’ vocational business training centres, in the slums of Nairobi. In future, this program will be expanded to 9 other counties where AMURT already has significant grassroots presence & infrastructure.  

The objective of these Vocational Enterprise Training Units (VETUs) is to teach basic business skills for the informal sector, to enable young women and caregivers of orphans to become self-sustaining entrepreneurs.

To be recognised as a PARTICIPANT in this campaign, you must register (free) on the AMURT website (or in person with an AMURT representative) before 8th November 2018 and get an AMURT REFERENCE NUMBER. This number must be written on the sponsorship form before approaching sponsors. The reference number and Sponsorship form will be sent to you via e-mail when you complete registration. 


After Registration you will be sent (by e-mail) 2 FREE TICKETS for (1) the LAUNCH DEBATE on 8th November and (2) the CELEBRATION FASHION SHOW on 9th December.